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Agency State Level Position Last Updated Deadline
Murrells Inlet-Garden City Fire
SC Entry Level Firefighter II - Paramedic Continuous
WI Entry Level Firefighter/Paramedic Mar 4, 2020
City of Vancouver
WA Command/Admin Fire Chief Mar 13, 2020
East Bay Regional Park District Fire Department
CA Command/Admin Assistant Fire Chief Feb 28, 2020
Salt Lake City Fire Dept.
UT Entry Level Firefighter I Mar 31, 2020
Pechanga Tribal Government
CA Entry Level, Lateral Level Firefighter Paramedic Continuous
Williston Fire Department
VT Entry Level EMT / Firefighter Continuous
City of Ukaih
CA Entry Level Firefighter/EMT & Firefighter/Paramedic Continuous
City of San Marino
CA Entry Level Firefighter/Paramedic Continuous
City of Piedmont
CA Entry Level Lateral Firefighter/Paramedic Continuous
River Delta Fire District
CA Entry Level Volunteer Firefighter Continuous

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