Saudi Aramco

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Agency: Saudi Aramco
Dhahran, Saudi Aramco, TX [View Map]
Position: Fire Service Skills Trainer
Final Filing Date: Continuous
Salary: Competitive
Requirements: As the successful candidate you should have exceptional knowledge of fire ground operations in municipal and industrial settings.

The ideal candidate will have ten (10) years of experience in a fire department serving municipal, petrochemical, refinery, gas processing, airport, marine port, structural, commercial, industrial and residential occupancies, including seven (7) years of experience in delivering fire training programs.

Preference may be given to candidates who possess a Bachelor of Science (BS), or Associate degree in fire science or a closely related field.

Certification as Fire Service Instructor I is required within 3 months of employment AND certification as Fire Service Instructor II is required within 6 months of employment through the department’s ProBoard and/or IFSAC certification programs.

Consideration will be given to candidates who are Certified Fire Protections Specialist (CFPS) or hold certifications in NFPA professional qualifications standards 472, 1081, 1001, 1002, 1003, 1006, 1021, 1031, or 1041.

Must successfully complete all medical requirements for the position.

Must qualify for a Saudi Arabia Resident Visa and Driver’s License.

Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.)

Highly developed verbal and written interpersonal and communication skills.

Participation on standards committees, advisory boards or organizations related to firefighting and fire training.

Development of training programs or administration of training programs is beneficial.

Experience in developing and leading training programs and implementing training plans is a plus.

Familiarity with related standards: OSHA, NFPA, etc.

Familiarity with oil and gas, chemical, or petrochemical processing operations is highly desired.

Duties & Responsibilities:
You will be required to perform the following:

Deliver on-the-job training, classroom lectures, demonstrations, and guided learning in emergency response subjects.

Track record of leading/running & adapting fire training programs, and deploying these programs to a tangible, positive effect.

Design drills and exercises to evaluate individual and team performance in operational aspects of firefighting, hazardous materials, rescue, and fire ground command.

Analyze emergency response capabilities of assigned units and identifies training needs.

Provide individual and team instruction and/or coaching at the skill, task, tactical and strategic level to improve performance.

Develop on-the-job training programs to address performance gaps.

Respond to emergencies in capacities as assigned by Fire Chief.

Serve as a mentor to junior officers.

Maintain high level of awareness in safety, health and environmental factors related to live fire, hazmat, and rescue training exercises.

Lead and direct multiple teams in interior and exterior live fire training exercises using large scale, multi-level simulators including class “A” and “B” fuels.

Lead training exercises in hazardous materials; high angle, machinery, vehicle, and confined space rescue; USAR and trench stabilization/rescue exercises.

Generate reports related to job assignments.

Deliver presentations on safety, health, environment and related subjects in department or unit meetings.

Perform related duties as assigned.
Immediate Openings:
Expected Openings :
Dept. Type : Paid
Number of Personnel: 4000
To Apply: https://apply.aramco.jobs/jobs/1006974/Fire+Service+Skills+Trainer?lang=en-US&Codes=ASC-W-FR
F.D. / City Web Site: www.aramco.jobs
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