As state and local budget cuts continue, the number of firefighters being laid off or losing their jobs continues to increase. We feel that it is our duty at FireRecruit.com and FireRescue1.com to help those firefighters who have been impacted by the budget crisis we currently face. If you have been laid off due to budget cuts or staffing reductions, you are eligible to receive a FREE FireRecruit.com subscription for 1 year.

How to qualify:

1. You must have been employed as a full time professional firefighter working for a City,State, or Federal agency associated with the International Association of Fire Fighters.

2. You must have been laid off due to budget cuts/staffing reductions only. You will not qualify if you were laid of due to poor performance, or any other disciplinary action.

3. You must have already completed the probation hire period. Probationary, reserve, trainee, cadet, seasonal, or any other classification of firefighter will not be eligible.

If you qualify, please send us a copy of your termination letter and a letter from your department explaining why firefighters were laid off. You can fax these documents to (415) 962-8340 or mailed to: 200 Green St. Suite 200, San Francisco, CA 94111 - Please include the following information, along with the documentation:

Your name
Mailing address
Phone #
Dates of employment (Start and end date)

If you have any questions regarding this program, please e-mail billing@firerecruit.com