1. What are the minimum requirements to be a Firefighter?
  2. Is there an age restriction to test?
  3. What steps should I take to becoming a Firefighter?
  4. I'm not a good test taker. What can I do to prepare myself?
  5. Can I apply out of state, or ‘am I limited to the state I reside in?
  6. How/where can I get my EMT or Fire Academy certificate?
  7. Can I update my account information online?
  8. How can I cancel my membership?
  9. What happens if I share my User ID & Password with others?
  10. How will I know that the site has been updated?
  11. How does Firerecruit.com get its information?
  12. What are your fees?
  13. Can I pay by check?
  14. What makes your service better than the others?