FDNY firefighter under investigation for road rage incident

By FireRescue1 Staff

NEW YORK — A New York City firefighter is under investigation after a video surfaced of him blowing off a red light and pushing a cyclist with his car.

Firefighter Brauley De La Rosa, a five-year veteran, is under internal investigation with the fire department after a video surfaced showing Brauley pushing the cyclist with his car, the New York Post reports.

The video was posted by Liz Gonzales on her work’s website, BarstoolSports.com.

“They were both in each other’s faces, hands were flying, curse words were coming out left and right, and all the while traffic was backing up,” she said.  

The cyclist had left the scene by the time police arrived on scene and Brauley was let go without further incident.

Police later filed a reckless-endangerment report. 


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