Code 3 Podcast: Attacked on a run, with Firefighter-Paramedic Ben Vernon

Code 3 Podcast Scott Orr
by Code 3 Podcast

When Ben Vernon, a San Diego firefighter-paramedic, responded to a call for an intoxicated male on June 24, 2015, he figured it would be just like any other day.

He was wrong.

A bystander, unrelated to the victim, got into a fight, first with transit security officers, then with Vernon and another paramedic. The man produced a knife and stabbed Vernon multiple times, nearly killing him.

In this episode of Code 3 Podcast, host Scott Orr speaks with Vernon about the aftermath of this incident and Vernon's battle with PTSD.

Find out how he overcame PTSD to return to work – in some ways, a better, stronger firefighter than before.

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