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Many firefighter candidates take it upon themselves to do their own job searches and locate fire service jobs. Others rely on word of mouth. Although it is certainly possible to do your own job searches or hope that someone else will inform you of a firefighter job there are three major reasons to consider subscribing to a service like FireRecruit.com.

Although it is true that there are many free online resources for jobs, these sites are simply passive manifolds for the information. FireRecruit.com actively pursues only fire service job information. Unlike any free job site, we do not sit back and wait for departments to contact us, or simply pull jobs from newspaper ads. We aggressively pursue the information for our members and send it directly to them through the site and email notices.

FireRecruit.com has employees who spend countless hours per week hunting down fire service job information. Even if one did have all the time in the world, there is no one that is going to do a more thorough and comprehensive job search than professionals who do it every day.

We have spent the past 18 years locating available resources. We not only utilize the internet, but also maintain an active phone database of departments and track their testing histories. We make phone contacts daily, search thousands of sites each week and have our thumb on the pulse of each department that hire paid personnel.

The bottom line is you do not want to miss a single opportunity and you want to know that you’ve received the most comprehensive job information. Since many departments can go several years between tests, missing one exam may mean having to wait years for that same opportunity to come around again. The one testing opportunity you miss may have been the job you could have landed.

It is always best to receive job information in the fastest possible time frame. Filing out an application usually involves more than one step. Many departments typically do not simply ask for an application.

You will often be asked to gather other required materials such as DMV reports, diplomas or degrees, CPAT cards and Fire or EMS certifications as well. It is also best to always submit an updated resume as catering it to the specific fire department you are applying to.

The sooner you receive notice of an application filing period, the more time you will have to properly and completely prepare your application packet.

Some departments are still limiting the number of applications by only accepting a pre-determined number. This limited number is often based on a first-come first-serve basis. When departments do this, receiving the information in the fastest possible time frame is imperative to getting your application accepted.

Time Management:
One of the most important skills in order to be successful in any field or venture is good time management. As mentioned above, it may be possible for one to conduct their own searches and get some results, but is that really how you should be spending your time and energy every day? Obviously not!

The amount of time you would spend conducting your own searches could and should be spent working to build your resume and preparing for the exam, not sitting in front of a computer or on the phone locating jobs. Especially, when for just pennies a day there is a reliable and reputable company to do this for you.

FireRecruit.com offers its service for anywhere from $5.00 to $7.99 per month depending on the chosen payment plan. That’s the price of two to three cups of coffee every month to have someone else do this work for you on a daily basis, freeing up countless hours every week.

Like anything else, one needs to always weigh the pros and cons of hiring professionals to do any kind of work for them. Given the incredibly low price, likelihood of faster and improved results and the large amount of time-saving, subscribing to FireRecruit.com should be a no-brainer.

Treat yourself this holiday season by giving yourself the gift of time as well as a better chance of achieving your career goals. Sign up today at www.firerecruit.com and start spending your valuable time working towards landing one of the countless fire service jobs that we will find for you.

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