Top 10 tips for finding your first firefighter job

By -FireRecruit-com

The prospect of landing that first firefighting job can be daunting. The tests are tough and the competition more so; and more departments seem to be laying off more than hiring. Yet firefighters do get hired. With that in mind, we asked our Facebook community, "What's the best advice you got when you were looking for your first firefighter job?"

Here are the top 10 answers we got. Have some more wisdom to pass on? Leave your tips in the comment area below.

https://fire.pgpic.com/1.giff  "The day you think you know all there is to know, is the day you better start planning your funeral." - Richard Griffin

https://fire.pgpic.com/2.giff "Make your face known. Phone calls help, but everywhere I've worked I met with the chief/management to make myself better known. Do a ride along if they offer it." - Brendon Edwards

https://fire.pgpic.com/3.giff"Get your education and make yourself marketable! You have to be able to show why you should get the job over all the other applicants. Get physically fit if you aren't already. You don't want to   be the guy or girl in the academy that makes everyone work harder because you can't keep up." - Ed Anderson

https://fire.pgpic.com/4.giff"'Don't give up' was the best advice for me. After four years of applying and testing, learning and learning more, I have finally landed the job. Officially three weeks in. Don't give up!" - Trey Ford

https://fire.pgpic.com/5.giff "Ask an old firefighter, how to become an "'old firefighter.'" - Marty Martinez

https://fire.pgpic.com/6.giff "If you don't get hired you probably wouldn't fit in well with that department anyways. Keep your head up." - Nathan Walker  

https://fire.pgpic.com/7.giff "Test wherever you can. And try to find a volunteer position at a department. It's a great way to get your foot in the door." - Harold Spriggs

https://fire.pgpic.com/8.giff "Always wear a suit and fresh shave to the interview. Dress like what the jobs means to you." - Justin Bright

https://fire.pgpic.com/9.giff "Dress in red. Not literally but figuratively. Make your information and yourself stand out above the crowd." - Jeanette Dunn  

https://fire.pgpic.com/10.giff "I got told I couldn't do it. That was the best advice needed. Guess I proved them wrong, huh?" - Thomas Brown

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