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Agency State Level Position Last Updated Deadline
Kingsport FD
TN Entry Level FIREFIGHTER/EMT 04/12/2014 05/31/2014
Davenport FD
IA Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 04/11/2014 05/09/2014
Alexandria FD
VA Entry Level FIREFIGHTER RESCUER I 04/07/2014 05/15/2014
Nevada County Consolidated and Grass Valley FD (Update-1st 50 app's)
CA Entry Level CAREER FIREFIGHTER 04/01/2014 04/23/2014
Alpena City FD
MI Entry Level FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC 03/31/2014 04/25/2014
Travis County ESD No. 2
TX Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 03/27/2014 06/30/2014
El Centro FD
CA Lateral Level, Command/Admin FIRE CAPTAIN 03/26/2014 05/30/2014
Woodstock FD
GA Entry Level FIREFIGHTER/EMT 03/26/2014 04/25/2014
Winfield Fire/EMS Department (Open until filled)
KS Entry Level FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC 03/25/2014 07/01/2014
Little Rock FD
AR Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 03/22/2014 04/30/2014
Houston FD
TX Entry Level CERTIFIED FIRE/EMT TRAINEE 03/13/2014 05/16/2014
Sedalia FD
MO Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 03/07/2014 04/18/2014
Clovis FD
NM Entry Level FIREFIGHTER BASIC, INT, or PARAMEDIC 03/04/2014 08/22/2014
Tuscaloosa FD
AL Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 03/03/2014 06/27/2014
Gautier FD
MS Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 02/13/2014 04/30/2014
Jeffersonville FD
IN Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 01/31/2014 05/02/2014
Jacksonville FD
AR Entry Level FIREFIGHTER 09/23/2013 04/18/2014
Penryn Fire Protection District
CA Entry Level INTERN FIREFIGHTER 09/10/2013 Continuous
Wildfire Defense Systems
AZ, CA, CO, NV, OR, UT, WA, WY Entry Level, Lateral Level, Command/Admin, Wildland Seasonal FIREFIGHTER (Various positions) 05/23/2013 06/01/2014
Gautier FD (Open until filled)
MS Entry Level FIREFIGHTER (Part-time) 03/22/2014 04/22/2014

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